The Kandyan Bridal Jewelry Set

Wedding ornaments

The Kandyan Bridal Jewelry set contains 7 necklaces (Mala Hatha).

4 out of the 7 necklaces have pendants called padakkams. The popular designs used in a padakkam are floral patterns or designs of two or more swans interlocked at the neck. The swan meaning Hansa in Sinhalese represents purity and beauty.

Listed below are the 7 necklaces including an additional 8 pieces of jewelry which make up the Kandyan Bridal Jewelry set.

1. The Gold Pattiya Necklace

The pattiya is the shortest necklace which is similar to a choker necklace and is referred to as the ‘karapati.’

This is the first necklace the bride puts around her neck.

The pendant on the pattiya necklace is similar to the pendant displayed on the nalalpatiya.

2. The Four Padakkam Necklaces

Four chains are worn along with 4 padakkams (pendants).

The pendants can be in a swan or floral design depending on the bride’s preference.

3. The Paalakka Bead Chain

The paalakka bead chain is a long chain with gold colored beads.

4. The Agasti Necklace

The Agasthi necklace is called ‘Agasthi Malaya’ in Sinhalese and is made of agate stones.

5. The Pethi Necklace

The pethi necklace is called ‘pethi maala’ in Sinhalese which means flower petals.

The necklace is designed in floral petal patterns and is the longest of the 7 necklaces which may extend to the bride’s knees.

6. The Nalalpatiya

The nalalpatiya is the head jewelry of the Kandyan bride.

It is a chain made of gold or silver and draped around the head and forehead of the bride’s with a piece placed along the middle of the bride’s hair.

The nalalpatiya also has a large pendant displayed at its midpoint. The pendant can be seen resting at the center of the bride’s forehead.

7. The Sun & Moon (Ira Handa) For The Head

The Kandyan bridal jewelry consists of two round shaped ornaments which are fixed onto either side of the head and separated by the center piece of the nalapatha.

One is engraved with the sun and the other with the moon.

The sun and moon is linked to eternity and brides wear it in the hope it helps them achieve a satisfying and long lasting marriage.

The Seli Valalu

The Seli Valalu are 2 broad bangles, one worn on each wrist.

There are two types of seli valalus: the plain ones and those decorated with tiny gemstones such as rubies.

The Gedi Valalau

The Gedi Valalu are 2 bangles made with agate stones.

The Hand Ornament With Rings (Atha Mudu Walalla)

The hand ornament is similar to a large pendant which has 5 chains connected to it.

Each chain has a ring attached to it. The 5 rings are placed on the appropriate finger when the bride wears the hand ornament.

The Dimithi Earrings

The earrings that are part of the Kandyan Bridal jewelry are called ‘Dimithi.’

The earrings resemble a cup which has been turned upside down. Dimithi earrings have miniature pearls suspending down from it.

The Havadiya

The havadiya is a chain draped across the waist of the bride.

The Kandyan Bridal Jewelry Set is quite expensive. Only a handful of brides will own this fine set of bridal jewelry and usually the reason is because the jewelry pieces have been in their family for generations.

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