How to make the perfect cluster necklace


Well, that’s because every charm bracelet is unique, personalised and holds sentimental value.

But everyone has a charm bracelet, right? So why not try something different? Cluster necklaces are a wonderful way to express yourself and Martha Jackson will shortly be launching a beautiful range of necklace add-ons, allowing you to create your own spectacular, personalised design.

Here’s a guide to putting them together:

Pick a statement piece

This is the foundation of your cluster necklace. The piece that best represents who you are.

Add a charm or two

Adding a charm is a great way to symbolize an important life event. Perhaps a pair of wings to represent your new found freedom? Or a letter to represent the birth of your first child?

Add a real pearl

Set off your cluster with a real pearl. We have a beautiful selection of real add-on pearls coming your way very soon.

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