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Banding Together with wedding Rings

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The days are long gone when the bride’s engagement ring and wedding band were sold as a set — sometimes even as a trio, with the groom’s wedding band included in the mix — and style choices were fairly limited. Today, the engagement ring and bride’s and groom’s wedding bands are three unique entities, with a seemingly limitless choice of style. As the cost of gold steadily rises, many new materials have come to light, and white metals (as opposed to white gold) have become the preference. The biggest trend right now? Individuality. Your wedding band is a reflection of who you are and of the story you tell as a couple.

Of course, many women still prefer a band with diamonds. Billie Jo Newman, director of marketing and communications at Frank Adams Jewelers, says guard rings are a new trend. “A lot of people are doing one on each side, the trend being toward vintage-looking rings, the fine detailed ring that lends itself to this style,” she says. “It’s not heavy looking.” With this modernized version of an insert (long gone), the rings are independent of one another, offering versatility.

If your engagement ring is picked out separately from the wedding ring, perhaps because one is a family heirloom and the other is new, it’s important to pick complementary stones. “The diamond quality in your wedding band should complement the quality in your engagement ring,”

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